Business Plans

A business plan for a visa application is very different from one written for other reasons, such as for raising a loan. Each plan is crafted to suit each applicant and the business they are purchasing. It majors on the visa requirements and the unique talents the applicant provides. It is quite different from the many general plans and templates which are available on-line.

The E-2 visa requires vital components from you. For an initial application you need to show:

  1. That you are in a position to develop and direct the enterprise.
  2. You have the skills and the experience to run and expand a business in the US.
  3. That your investment is more than marginal and you will earn more than just a living.
  4. That the investment you are making will create jobs for Americans.

The best way to show that your application addresses these points is to provide a five year plan. It is your statement of intent to an Embassy Adjudicator to show that you fulfil the above requirements.

The Foreign Affairs Manual states that you only need a business plan for a start-up business. However, there is no better way of showing Embassy staff that you know what you are talking about, and there is no other opportunity in the application to do this.

For Renewal, again it is not a requirement, but the business plan provides you with the opportunity to show them what you are planning for the future.

Remember you need to show:

  1. Why you deserve a further time period to improve the business
  2. How you intend to further “develop and direct the enterprise”
  3. How you will continue to grow the business,
  4. How you will create more American jobs
  5. How you will continue to make enough owner benefit to further invest in your own success.
These are the reasons you are giving show you deserve a renewal and there is no better way than a business plan to impress the Embassy Adjudicator with your ability to deliver, your drive and your ambition.
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