Terms and Conditions

  1. We will provide a free, initial verbal assessment of your proposed application and provide a fixed quotation for the provision of our application services.
  2. Payment for our services is made in two stages:
    1. 50% of the agreed application preparation fee on commission of our services (less a non-returnable retainer initially paid – see c) and full payment for any further services such as a business plan
    2. 50% prior to delivery when your application is ready to dispatch. We will forward the application when this final invoice is settled.
  3. Once you have decided to use our services to help prepare your visa application we will ask for a non-returnable retainer. This amount is taken off the first 50% invoice we send when you are ready to start the application process. The retainer will enable us to review any aspect of the application, including business details from Brokers and lease details. We will provide our opinion for your consideration and advise what you will need to provide to us for the application.
  4. We will honour our quotation even if the application takes longer to deal with than initially expected.
  5. We act as a consultant on your application. All visa applications will be submitted by you in your name.
  6. Should you, at any stage in the application process, decide not to proceed with your application no refund will be made for money already paid and any outstanding unpaid invoices will still be due and payable.
  7. We do not insist on full payment up front, as many specialists do, however payment on invoices once issued is due strictly upon receipt.
  8. Our standard charge does not include the preparation of a business plan. Our charge for this service is payable on commission of our services. 
  9. It is your responsibility to ensure that all information provided by you in support of your application is correct, and that you provide a full set of documentation as per the list which we will supply to you.
  10. All information provided by you is taken in good faith and no attempt is made by us to confirm the veracity thereof.  Please note that all documentation submitted will be examined by the adjudicating officer and any inadequacies or inconsistencies found may result in a request for further evidence and substantial delays.
  11. All applications are required to be in English throughout. Any translations required are the responsibility of the applicant and each translation must be notarised.
  12. Whether a visa is approved is solely at the discretion and subjective opinion of the adjudicating officer handling your case. Although every effort will be made to ensure that the application as submitted conforms to current eligibility requirements, and that the correct paperwork is provided, we can make no guarantees as to the subsequent approval or denial of the visa.
  13. In the event of further information being requested we will handle the submission of this information without any further charge for our consultancy services.
  14. In the unlikely event of your application being denied the adjudicating officer is obliged by law to state the reason(s) for this denial.  We can advise as to whether it is possible to correct the reasons for denial. If this is possible, we will handle one resubmission of your application for you without any further charge for our consultancy services.
  15. Be aware that, in the case of resubmission, there will be additional filing and processing fees to the Embassy or USCIS. These additional fees are your responsibility.
  16. Unless agreed to the contrary by us in writing, time shall not be a factor in judging our performance. You understand and accept that any time estimates for the processing of any application that we may give you is not binding or definite in any way.
  17. You agree not to make us liable for any loss or damage of any description arising from the failure or delay in approval of any application made.