The USA Forum

If you are considering living and working in a foreign Country, it’s absolutely vital to research, research and then do some more research.

You can never ever do enough research for you and your family.

The USA Forum LogoThe USA Forum is an excellent source for FREE information and opinion on a wide variety of topics. Information and help is provided by people who have gone down the same road that you are considering and, more importantly, been successful.

The USA Forum provides a wealth of help and advice, gives you the positives and the negatives, and all before you need to spend a cent or commit to anything.

It's completely free to join and your active participation will keep this great asset live and vibrant and your experiences will help others.

Once you have joined, you can post your questions or just browse through past topics. Most of your concerns have been experienced by others and it covers far more than just getting there. It provides information needed to get through your first months in America.

It’s not aggressive, is well moderated to control spam and you will find it is full of friends who will be delighted to help.


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